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Flowcode graphical flowchart programming E-blocks for Rapid Prototyping MIAC industrial controller Formula Flowcode robotic buggy Locktronics science, automotive, engineering electric kits Automatics pneumatic & automation kits Professional Services
Flowcode E-blocks MIAC Formula Flowcode Locktronics Automatics Professional Services

Simplifying Technology

Matrix Technology Solutions Ltd. are a premier, global provider of technology solutions. Since 1993, Matrix's team of skilled Engineers have developed a wide range of Educational, Industrial and Hobbyist focused products simplifying subject matter including Electronics, Electricity, Programming, Robotics, Mechatronics, Technology and Computer Science. To find out how you can benefit, explore our website by clicking on the button below which relates closest to your needs.

Hobbyist electrical kits and solutions Education focused kits and solutions Professional & industrial kits and solutions

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