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Flowcode - Getting Started Guide

If you are new to Flowcode, this is the definitive guide to get you started with creating and programming with the brand new Flowcode 7. Using any of the supported hardware you should finish this course being able to program a variety of interesting and fun examples. The course should covers two main sections:

  • In Section 1 we will provide an overview of the Flowcode IDE. How users interact with the environment, add components to the simulation panel and create flowcharts.
  • In Section 2 we will run through three examples which will increase in complexity and teach you how to create microcontroller programs

This course can be used by anyone to see the examples in simulation, however to see the examples play out in hardware, you will need either:

  • Matrix EB006 multi-programmer and EB083 development board
  • Arduino Uno and Matrix EB083 development board
  • Microchip Xpress development board

Click here to view the pdf of the course.

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Flowcode Wiki

The Flowcode Wiki site provide you with a detailed glossary style overview of the aspects of the Flowcode environment broken down into relevant sections to aid in finding the knowledge you require to use Flowcode effectively. Use the Wiki to learn about components, download example Flowcode files or just to learn more about programming principles in general.

Click here to visit the Flowcode 7 wiki

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Introduction to Microcontroller Programming

This comprehensive course uses Matrix E-blocks and contains a series of programming exercises supported by background information for references. This 116 page long course covers a wide variety of microcontroller basics. This course is suitable for delivery of BTEC Level 3 in Engineering unit 6: Microcontroller Systems for Engineers.

  • Part 1: Programming Exercies
  • Part 2: Using E-blocks
  • Part 3: Introduction to Flowcode 7
  • Part 4: Flowcode 7 - Your First Program
  • Part 5: Flowcode 7 - Worked Examples
  • Part 6: Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • Part 7: Course Rationale

Click here to download the full course pdf

Flowcode Examples

We have a range of free, pre-developed Flowcode programs for you to open in the Flowcode environment itself and browse, use or further develop to your own desire.

Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon
3D Simulation Interrupts Macros String Manipulation Variables & Operators
Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon Flowcode Icon
Assembly & C Code Components Floating Point Completed Systems Sensors

Within Flowcode, users also receive a range of pre-developed templates. These can be customised and saved as your own template files too, allowing you to save time and investment with your program development by starting off with one of these files.

Flowcode Online Course

This course is designed to allow those who are new to Flowcode to understand how Flowcode can be used to develop programs. The course has been designed to allow you to learn step-by-step about how Flowcode works. We advise that you work through each section as this will familiarise you with all of the options and features in Flowcode, as well as introduce you to a range of programming techniques.

Click here to start the online course.

screenshot of the introduction to microcontrollers course

Matrix Community Forum

The Matrix forum provides an in-depth community of well established, long-term users of Flowcode and new Flowcode users sharing ideas and solving problems and issues encountered whilst using the software. Regularly attended to and updated by our own Engineers, the forum is one of our most popular support resources.

Click here to visit our forums.

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Professional engineer support

Professional support

Whilst the same, superb help facilities exist for professional users of Flowcode, as those that exist for academic users, there is also another area of support that we now offer to assist professional engineers with the services they require from additional enhanced customer support with rapid response times, training to ensure you are getting the most out of your Flowcode software, to assistance in your own internal development projects.

Professional extended services

Whether you need assistance to get you up and running with your first Flowcode project, or need some technical expertise to help speed up more complex developments using Flowcode, our team of engineers are here to help. Priced from £500 (+VAT) per project, to many users of Flowcode, this service is a valuable addition to the Flowcode package.


Flowcode training is offered three times per calendar year at Matrix HQ in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Alternatively, we offer all Flowcode users on-site Flowcode training, which can be delivered at your place of work/study from £800 + VAT per day + travel and expenses. We can tailor training at your site to your specified needs, or deliver our pre-defined courses as outlined above.

Enterprise licences

Whilst the Flowcode licencing structure is defined in more detail in the datasheet, it’s important to understand that version 7 features multiple user professional licences for the first time. An enterprise licence is activated when a user selects more than a single user licence of Flowcode. When a user purchases a 5 seat licence of Flowcode, with all chip variants included, you receive £500 of professional services for your team – for example, this could be attendance at our Introduction / Advanced training courses at Matrix HQ.


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