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An accompanying robotics course is provided free of charge and allows learners to complete a range of tasks with increasing levels of difficulty, building their understanding of robotics and programming as they progress up to full maze solving.
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First Move

Program the robot to drive the motors with a specific speed and direction so that shapes, such as a square, circle or spiral are made.

Watch Out!

Use the eight green LEDs on the front of the robot to produce interesting and creative visual effects.

Switch On/Off

Use on-board switches and LEDs to understand inputs, outputs and binary operation.

Hello World

Send a text message to the LCD panel on the front of the robot and display it, including multi-line messages.

Light Bright

Use the light sensor to measure the light level, or adjust the illumination of the LEDs to the ambient light.

See the Light

Use the on-board light sensor to drive the buggy towards a light source.

Follow my Line

Use the on-board line sensors to follow a black line on a white background. Extend the exercise with various markings on the line following mat.

Push Buttons

Use the on-board push buttons to execute specific tasks, including an up/down binary counter.

Status Panel

Produce a status panel on the display showing the values of sensors, etc.

Tilt & Turn

Develop an app that controls the robot using the tilt sensor in your mobile phone/tablet.

Lefty Maze

Use the left hand wall-following technique to solve a simple maze.

Play that Tune

Use the loudspeaker and on-board digital signal processor to play musical notes.


Put your favourite songs onto the SD card and use the robot as a mobile DJ.

Mobile Bug

Create a spying device which drives to a location, records some speech, drives back and then plays the recorded speech.


Use the input mic on the robot to make it dance to some music.

Accompanying Race Course mat

Also available is the Formula AllCode racing mat. This is an A2 sized mat which allows you to complete many of the Formula AllCode challenges detailed in the robotics course detailed above.

Formula AllCode racing mat Formula AllCode racing mat

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